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Hey everyone!

This page is my personal american diary. It's here to write down my experiences and adventures I get while I'm staying in San Antonio for 10 months. So you always know what's going on. The site isn't ready yet but I guess I'm gonna  work it out when I'm already at my host families home! In nearly 6 hours I'm on the way to my next station NY where me and lots of other students will have an orientation about 3 days..if I feel nervous? No! Not yet..maybe it takes some time for me to realize what's happening. But let's stop talkin' now, right here, at the beginning,  I wanna thank those persons who allow the whole journey: Mum and Dad, without you my dream wouldn't become true so I wanna say THANK U! I also wanna thank my best friend Julia who supports me from the very first!  So thanks a lot u guys, it's great to have yur support under my shoulders.

23.8.06 20:41

3-Days Orientation in NY

Oh u guys I gotta tell's har for me to write about my first days in America because when I think about it now I'm feeling sad. The morning on which we left was very stressful but that's normal for me. I'm never in time However after the check-in our group went on and actually I thought that we could spend some more time with our families but when I looked round the next corner I saw all of the students walking through this door, from where no one else could follow me anymore. That as such a big shock that I started to cry immediatly. I know..crying? Yes crying..! I knoooow, I was th person who said that I won't get homesick, who won't cry...who will feel happy and free..who is glad to be away from home but no intead of this I gotta tell ya, it's he opposite! The goodbye was he haredest thing I've ever done!The flight to NY was okay..I talked to some other students and I got to know a very nice girl called Ewvelin. We landed in the evening cause our plane was almost 2 hours late. After the bus brought us to a huge brown building close to the airport we went in and got our room numbers- for that, everyone got a card. Besides we had to give our passports away and all the other important stuff. Everybody had one room with two very big and comfortable beds..a bathroom..jap. In each room were 3 students so two of them had to sleep together in a bed. I was lucky; I had a bed for my own *hehe but I gotta say that I didn't like one of the girls very much, she was totally strange! Most of the students were happy, they didn't miss their family and friends, hey were just excited about the next day when we would have 3 workshops and our trip trough NY. I was depressing and so I read the letter from my best friend Julia as well as the photo album from my lovely boyfriend Parick over and over again. I just wanted to hear someone from Germany speaking on the phone, especially my boyfriend if I'm honest..But it didn't take a long time when he called me. He made me smile again and brave! After that call I felt like I could embrace he whole world!! But a few minutes later, ma dad called and from this moment on I got homesick again. Finally I was more than tired so I decided to go to bed where I fell asleep after less than a few seconds. Th next morning beganand after having breakfast we had to go to the 3 workshops, one after th other. We were seperated in black, green, blue and red groups. I joined the black ones. The first two workshops really couraged me but the last workshop worried me because of all the narrations of ups and downs, crying all the time, homsickness and so on. After we finished with that we had lunch and at 1 o'clock we left the hotel with 2 or 3 buses I think..The blacks and the reds together in one bus; the blue and the green group separated. During the drive to NY I got to know another coll girl named Desiree.

Yeah, Desiree, actually my second name I talked with her about my felling an everything and I recognizied that the first days would be hard for each of us, I was and I am not alone. Patrick and my dad called again which didn't make the whole thing easier but the text-message from my boyfriend was the sweetest andbest thing on the whole day! I tried to enjoy the day in NY and talkee to myself again and again. Our first stop was the Empire State Building- we had an amazing view!

Breathtaking! Time after time my mood strted to gt better. Our next station was Chinatown. here we had some time to go shoppin so I bought an I love NY T-Shirt. Afterwards we went eating in a little Mall, next to a harbor, for one hour.

It was almost nearly 20 to 7 when, I rememer, when we passed Central Park and finally stopped at Times Square.

Here we also had one hour to go what do I do? Right! I bought another T-Shirt, really cool; with a Superman sign on its breast. Unfortunately Desiree and me didn't recognized that our bus stopped in front of the NY Hard Rock Cafe so we both don't have a T-Shirt or somethin like that now..stupid but I guess this wasn't my last time in NY so who cares..ect time I'll see it! At 9 o'clock we left NY to go back to our hotel. Hardlz there, I felt bad again..really strange. I talked to Parick after I picked up my passports again..together with the information about the next day wehn my flight to Chicago would be. My bus left at 10 o'clock..for my luck the two girls in my room had to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning. Fantastic! I couldn't sleep anymore; I waited until seven, took a shower and went eating. At 10 o'cock I left the hotel..together with some other students, Luisa, my email friend, was with me too.

She's a very sweet girl! And very nice. During the flight to Chicago I talked to a man who sat next to me. He was from Chicago and told me that I shouldn't wory about the year. He said it would be a wondeful experience and I would have a lot of fun..he also told me not to think about Germany too much because the year would be over very fast. Last he said that Texas would be very hostly. I really enjoyed the last few hours with the last 5 other students. Suddenly I felt grat and I wanted to get to know my new family. I thought a lot..especially about my homesickness so I decided to make a call..but only once a month..I"ll write, I promise but in English But writing is much easier for me. At the moment I need some time to accept my new family, my new lif for the next 10 months..everyhing and for that I don't wanna stand with one of my feet in germany and with the other right here in America; I have to stand in America with both of my feet! The firdst time won't be easy..but I think I'm gonna make it..! Yeah I'm prety sure I hope that u guya won't forget me. Many greetings to the Kalle and Co group^^ I miss u very much, all of u, I promise. Mom, Dad, grandma Julia and Patrick? I love u! I really do and before I stop writing I show u a sentence that pushes me up, it says:

It's good to have an end to journey toward, but it's the journey that matters in the end!

23.8.06 20:41

Alright, now I can go on with me diary and hi, this is sunny whos writing right now. Sunny? jup, there is almost nobody, ok, there is nobody who can pronounce my name..if they try they speak it out like singa or I thought a nickname would be great and Stephanie, my host-sister said: sunny, we call u sunny. thats a typical american nickname. So hi everyone this is sunny! I don't wanna talk any longer I will tell u something about my last 3 days in Texas...

Day 1

It took quiet a long time to get to my gate beause I had to walk trough some great halls and also had to ride with a train but after the plane from Chicago took of I began to write my diary for NY, as u can read over this. The plan was pretty small and there were about 30 people in it..I don't remember very much cause when I woke up again the plane was already on its way down to earth again. I wasn't nervous at all..I got out the plane and looked round, before the escalator I saw an orange sign with big fat letters SINJA HAAG on it. I had to smile and gave my family a hug. They were four: Mary and Mario (50 and 51), Stephanie the daughter (25) and her husband (23), Travis, their son lives in Ohio so I won't see him unfortunately..however..they were really nice.

Mario is from Jamaica but he looks like a Japanese oO After we picked up my stuff we drove to Jim's to have dinner. I didn't want to have fast food on my first evening so I took the garden salad which was very good! When we finished we drove home where they showed me their has its own in Japan^^ I tell u.. My room has got a big bed and a little cupboard with lots of drawers.

When I entered my room I found a bag, a blanket and some stuff for taking a shower on my bed..totally cute I was very exhausted so I gave them my presents from germany and went to bed. Meanwhile Stephanie and Jimmy left the house. I slept like a baby!

Day 2

The next morning started and I ate some cornflakes with lots of sugar >< but they tasted good. At 11 o'clock we went to a huge building where I had to show my passport, my visa, my birth certificate and my vaccination card. I was surprised when the woman told me that I didn't have a shot against chicken pocks..but before we could get to the doctor I had to talk to a man with my hostfamily. He told me about behaving and that I have to owe my hot family respect. When I asked him if someone could visit me he said that it wouldn't be a roblem as long as the person doesn't o to school. I was happy cause Patrick and my parents will probably visit me on christmas! so that would be ealy really cool..but actually AIFS isn't allowed to do this -.- we'll see!

We went to MC Donalds to have lunch and then to the doctor where the next shock came above me: the chicken pock shot costs 75$ OO I didn't have the money with me so me mum had to pay for me. I call them mum and dad or Matio and Mary to feel more comfortable, to feel like in a family but it isn't easy all the time..Finally I got the shot. My mood was bad again but we still had to go to school. As we entered I remembered NTVs Made it looks exactly the same. I'm scared of my first day at school. We waited some time and Mario had to fill out much paperwork. Then I had to show my visa and the other stuff again. While we were standing there Mario talked to a handsome boy who sat right behind us; he's in the same class as I am: Juniors that means the 11th class. I didn't choose my subjects now so I think I'll do this during the next week or on monday when school starts. In the evening two other persons arrived, I'm not eally sure if its Marys sister or not. They travel round America, trough every state and they're from Florida, just above Orlando somewhere. Stephanie and Jimmy came around and I got to know Jimmys friend Mike.

A really cool person, he's getting a baby very soon We talked about music and stuff like that and this was the first time wehn I really felt like home. I could laugh, I was happy..great! Stephanie, me, Mike and Jimmy went to Wal Mart because Stephanie still needed anything. While she was looking for it Jimmy and Mike talked with me all evening. They are all so cool, unbelievable! :D They said that they wanna pick me up often o that we have a great time. When we sat in the car we sang song after song..LOUD!very loud but it was such fun. They want me to come bowling or somethin like that..aahh bowling. That reminds me on our neighbor Mitchell. He wants to get toknow me but I haven't seen him yet..because he's very good at bowling so he should practise with me sometime. Hm, the evening was great and after I talked to Mum and Dad and Patrick again I fell asleep with a happy feeling.

Day 3

Today we went downtown to walk around..
we made a litle boat trip, we went to , took some pictures and after that we went eating in an Asian restaurant.

We also went to some shops..very strabge, I felt like going trough a flea market. But it doesn't matter. 2 hours ago we bought some stuff for tomorrow cause we will have barbecue and besides we'll go to a Mall looking for new shoes, T-Shirts and trowsers. I'm waiting for Mike cause he said that he'll borrow me some of his rock Cds because I din't know lots of them..but he likes my taste of music and he promised me to go on a concert with me if Guns'n'Roses will play in Texas (what will never ever happen) Alright, this should be enough for today, I'm going outside in the garden to the others. Tomorrow morning I wanna go jogging with Mary and at 9 o'clock we will go to church! The next week is full of cool things..we will visit a theme park abd in sunday we will go to the cinema..but till that I'm gonna write u guys again. Take care, I love u!

23.8.06 20:42


I forgot all of my adresses at home so it would be needful if u could write me your adresses in my guestbook or somethin..I'm glad about every email- adress or home- adress I can get, thx!

23.8.06 20:42

Day 4

Yesterday evening, Stephanie and Jimmy asked me to stay the night in their house so I went home with them. We decided to go in Pirates of the Carribean. It was late so I fell asleep in the cinema during the film xD The voices in English sound kinda weird! I think they're much better in German. Today I had to get up early, I don't what time it was I only know that I took a shower and then went in the car without eating anything. We went to Stephanies chruch. Oh boy, church over here is so much different and better than in Germany. There was a big band on stage and everyone clapped their hands and sang the songs because there was a big wall on which u could see song after song. Totally cool, was a lot of fun and the preaches aren't as boring as here..they make lots of jokes, take it easier. After an hour, about 10 o'clock we went back home and I had breakfast. A few minutes later we went shopping in the first big Mall I saw round this area. I bought a T-Shirt if u can call it like that, I will show u a photo soon, and converse shoes- the black ones.

Then we went to Wall Mart again to get my stuff for school. Those people use notebooks for their classes. I had to buy 8 different notebooks and some pencils. Now I'm sitting in front of the computer. I just talked to my darling (I love u!) The homesickness isn't gone yet but I hope it will..soon. Tomorrow morning I can spend quiet a long time on the computer cause my parents have to work *hehe We'll have barbecue now (I'm getting fat, I tell u..oO pancakes..MC Donals, Coca Cola, everything with fat and sugar >< etc.)

so see u tomorrow and don't forget to write ur adress in my guestbook! big kisses

23.8.06 20:42

Day 4 

Hey everyone, it's 6 to 9 and I'm sitting here, writing to u. Both of my parents are at work now..I'm all alone..except for Harley, hes's with me. Before mum was leaving he came to my bedroom and slept beside me for a while. He's a cutie.

Well, what should I say? The barbecue yesterday was good, Mario made it cause Mary doesn't cook at all...but we wanna cook something from germany this week. I chose Schnitzel^^  After dinner we talked about school. On thursday I have to choose my subjects. School is over at 4 o'clock and if I wanna do sports it's probably 9 o'clock until I'm home again. U can be on the team wehnever u want, but you have to have As and Bs to play..there are some competitions..other schools against you will play. School over here is easier everybody told me. If you write a test you can always use your book in which all the answers are, crazy xD But not everywhere, I mean, not in every subject but most of the time. The only subject in which you have to write is history! I don't even know what I wanna take, I have to take math and the moment I also wanna take Spanish, French and  Art but we'll see. There's still a bit time left to think about it.

Because I got homesick yesterday (in the Wall Mart, embarassing >< Mary is gonna call Mike cause he makes me laugh. My family still has a lot fun planed..on saturday or sunday we r gonna go to a theme park, wehen school starts they wanna go to every footballgame friday night with me, this week we wanna go to the swimming pool, probably in swimsuits oO and so on and so on..they want me to be busy so that I don't have to think about home all the time. And it much as I do, I feel more comfortbale here. I miss you all but if you would ask me to come home now I wouldn't come! There's still much to experience, much to learn, much to see...I tell u, after a month I don't wanna come back ever

23.8.06 20:43

Day 5

Today is gonna be a very relaxed day, just like yesterday. I'm sitting here, writing emails, listening to music, doing some "sports", watching TV, dreaming around, writing some letters, taking a shower and waiting for my parents to come back.

Yesterday evening Mom told me that Mitchell wanted to come over to see me so I kept waiting until 9 o'clock but then I decided to go to bed. I'm very tired every day, it doesn't matter how long I slept the night before, every evening I go to bed early; but in the end I'm feelin great Stephanie had cooked a meal before, it was kinda Lasagne *gg and it tasted awesome! She'll call me today so I have to pick up the phone..hopefully I won't talk to somebody else..but u can see the number on the phone so it shouldn't be a big problem. However, Steph wants to pick me up to hang around with her and Jimmy, maybe with some others too?! Mum will call me too.. I have to go back to the Mall where I bought my Converse shoes cause the size they gave me is 4 not 6, so totally too small -.- And I have to go to the post office to send my letters to Germany!

Maybe I'll write u guys later one more time but for now I have to clear the dishwahsher. There are thousands of thoughts running trough my head right now.. the last two nights were weird, I have the strangest dreams u can imagine. Last night I dreamed of Bill from Tokio Hotel, my Mum (from Germany^^) told me that he was such a good-looking guy,  then from my school in which we were running trough and had to save ourselfs because of a bomb but we had to fill out some letters with all our school books on it before we could leave.., and the night before I had a dream that someone was killed over and over and again and suddenly I saw a baby who was flushed down the toilet oO The other thing I worry about is what I should wear on my first day at superman T-Shirt and probably  longer pants and my vans because of the air conditioner everywhere. Everyone's sweating but I'm always freezing, I think the air conditioner is too cold sometimes! see u guys later, sunny

23.8.06 20:43

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