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hey u guys, i knwo its been a long time since my last entry but now im back in the picture like most of u know that there was lots of trouble the last weeks..but i dont wanna write any details, its over..finally! and now im with my new hostfamily and i really have to say that i LOVE them!! theyre so awesome, i feel totally comfortable and happy! Trisha is like a sister to me, we get along very well, both shelly and ed. I share my room with trish but we dont spend very much time in this room, we hang out or study, watch ty, meet friends, whatever. the last weeks of school were good and bad, i got my progress report, a paper with ur grades right now and im failing maths xD and u know why? because two of my assignments were bad! but progress report is 2 or three weeks ago, i dont know. however, im doing fine now, in every subject! so tehers no reason to worry.

i also started making friends, i i mean real good friends, i show u some pics the next time so u can see with who im hanging out.

another thing whos standing in front of the door is homecoming. and im so excited, we dint need a date, but i want one! i mean, now im here, so..hell yes! that doesnt mena that i wont meet my other friends, but mostof the students have a date though. gonna go shopping next weekend and im gonna go to the beauty shop to get a new haircut my knee is getting better. for those who missed the whole knee part: i twisted my knee three or 4 weeks ago, i wlked on crutches for three weeks and i had to take medicine, but now im off my crutches, start walking again and its getting better and better.

ill probably do sports again this week. and try outs are in october i think, so theres still time left to practise for basketball.

sooo...ehm..yeha, like i said, pics r coming soon and i gotta study now cuase tests started already and tomorrow i have a test in family development, tuesday i have a test in spanish and maths, last weeks i had a test in maths and french, so u see, theres always somethin to do..anyway, we got a test every maths period at the beginning, but the whole school systems and their grades work much more different than in germany. last friday i went to my very first football game and it was just fun!! FUN FUN FUN! becuase i got to know some of trishs friends, and i get to know people in general at the moment so its really cool. and on saturday we went playing paintball and i tell u, i got shot twice and i quit!! this is NO sport for me, its just for hurting each other i think, it was just AUTSCH xD weekend theres a concert but i dont know if we go yet, on christmas we probabaly go to michigan and yeah, i dont know what else to say. i heard my school is a whole mess because of containers that are supposed to stand on the basketball field?!? that sucks!! alright now, im more often on the computer right now again but my hotmail adress doenst work, i just wanna let u know. okay, love u guys

18.9.06 16:02

hey ho

its me again, there are almost no new news but hey we got our progress report again, and yeahh..history, american history which used to be my worst class is now my best! i got a 104, isnt this awesome?!! and i gut a 94 on my maths test, and my homework are also very god. sorry i gotta tell u that becuase im very proud of me right now xD lol ehm..jup..soon ull see some pics of my friends like i promised and ill also show u madison. if u wanna check out my highschool, u can also take a look at its website: k, i gotta go to bed, now its 10;11 and i got a test in spanish and maths tomorrow. i didnt studyvery much because i already studied an tuesday for spanish and maths..hmm..i did the review but i still go to tutoring in the morning cause ive got another question. alright..driday is the next football game and im pretty looking forward to it yiiiiiha, k, good night everyone

lots of love, sunny


21.9.06 12:39 weekend was pretty good. we went to see a baseball game on saturday and bought a dress on sunday for homecoming. we still need to buy soem shoes cause my dress is brown with golden glitter on it so i cant wear my black shoes i used to wear for dancing. however, i also got a new haircut, the new me looks like that:

ohh, julia? on saturday we went to chillis and guess what? we ate those huge burgers and i also ate a cheesecake as desert, so i was FULL. now its 4 o clock and all i ate this day was an apple cause im still full but im gettimng hungry soon, i know were having pizza or somethin like that tonight..

hmm..and i also gotta do my homework. im glad julia s doin fine in her hostfamily!! and hone? dont worry about .. u know what im talkin about, evreuthin will be fine, i promise. but im not allowed to go to new orleans because the crime at this place is too sorry =( kk, wish me luck to find a date for homecoming

25.9.06 00:06

folks, I GOT A 102 ON MY MATHS TEST!! isnt that amazing? and if anybody s sitting in front of the computer now and thinkin well, american school is easier anyway. well, thats true, but this test is about everything, including linear functions and remember i got a 6 in germany?! now im better than 100, thats awesome!! more than awesome, juhuuu...
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