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well what should i say? this week was great!!! im SO excited cuz of homecoming, its unbelievable. we got our progress reports today and my grades arent very bad, i got 2 bs and the rest are As :D hehe *proud of myself. whatever, thursday we went to a footballgame and almost everybody was there cuz the two best football teams were playing, but we lost unfortunately =( so everyone was frustrated...but next time our team will win, i swear because they played very well though! besides i got lots of friends now so its really cool to have people to hang out with, tomorrow ill go shopping with dasah, a russian exchange student. well look for a dress for her and we both have to look for some shoes that fit with our dresses... and on sunday me an trish probably go downtown, if possible with marlon and daniel, ill show u how they both look like soon. fact is theyre really cool guys! and im very disappointed that they dont wanna go to homecoming >< today shelly told me that they dont use an iron for their lothes they just let them dry oO well, okay, hope itll work, ill just try. oh and another thing is im getting fater and fater cuz i eat NOT healthy, honestly i worry but i try to do sports sooo..yeah, ill see whta happens with my body. i just wanna say that i miss my family and all of my friends very much although i feel very comfortable in america and i dont wanna leave anymore but it would be much more fun to have all those important people around me for whose i care. thank u guys for writing in my guestbook, letting me know that u think about me from time to time, that u wont forget me, makes me feel awesome, its good to know people are there for me, so thanks a lot and good night, lots of love
2.10.06 15:45

hey hey hey my weekend was awesome! on saturday we went shopping with dasha, the russian exchange student. we found her a nice dress, its the same as mine, just in another color aaand we all bought some shoes, mine are golden, i know, sounds weird but looks very good in combination with mt dress!! after shopping, eating ice cream and coming home for havin a snack, we went to school to watch the play "stagedoor" which was actually pretty good but would be better if id understand everything xD after the play, we went to HEB where i bought lots of fruit and tomatoes and a drink AND gum, which is very important cuzamerican students have gum all the time. luckily theyre allowed to have gum in class! on sunday we went bowling for 2 hours, just trish and me and we played well, i mean trish played amazing and me..ehm..i was alright. when we came home again i did laundyr, means i ironed it. when we had dinner that day we went out for buying ice cream at probabaly 8:30. ohh man, american ice cream is SO good :D today was just cool, like every day, tonight i gotta study because were having a test in french tomorrow about the "subjonctif" or what its written like^^ yeah, but i dont have to study very much.. and tomorrow there will be try outs for the next two plays and guess what?! ill try out! probably.. im not sure yet but it would be so cool cuz i always wanted to be in a drama group and its definitly the same as in our school! and i still wanna make marlon to go to homecoming. soo..yup what else? there ws this guy today in gym class, and honestly im having a bad hair day right now soo this guy was coming up to me and sais:" excuse me but u look really pretty todaz" and i was like: ? and i couldnt say anything more than thank u... oh and i talked to my councelor, i will not take TAKS at the end if the year cuz its about everything, chemistry, physics, algebra 2, geometry and so on and so on.. so yeah, i decided not to take those and i wont graduate anyway so i dont have to take them.
3.10.06 18:58

Folks, I made the Callback for the next play!! :D
5.10.06 11:39

aaaalright, this week was absolutly crazy!! on tuesday everybody dressed up in a weird way, seemed like carneval, totally cool. after school i went to the auditorium to try out for the next play. on wednesday everybody had to dress formal, like high heels and dresses or church clothes..i mean, u didnt have to, u can just do it, but most of the students dressed up and im pissed off that i didnt make any pics >< however, rene told me that i made the callback for the play when we were in creative writing. i was so excited that i had to smile all day long. i stayed after school, together with trish who also made the callback. there were 60 people left and she only needed 40 for the whole we had to read differnt parts together in different groups. thursday started and everybody wore "trikots" im too lazy to translate right now. aaand guess what: I MADE THE PLAY! yeahh, i mean, i only got a little little part, im an angel, but anyway, ive never been on stage before and i made the try out so i think thats pretty good! trish didnt make the play unfortunately but we both will try out for the next play again on friday everybody had those biiiig flowers for homecoming, i forgoy what they are called like but i dont have one cuz they sold them already at the vry first beginning of the school year, great that somebody told me -.- but i think shelly wants to make some for us but im not sure.. yeahh..i was really excited because of homecoming on saturday and that night we went to the homecoming football game. i love homecoming week and weekend!! the game was great we won against one of our greatest competitions Reagan High School *hehe, we are so good. we also saw whos hoemcoming prinse and princess for the seniros, the freshments and the juniors and of course we saw homecoming king and queen!!


this evening i tried to put on one of my pants and ehm..yeah..they dont fit me antmore xD soo yup, i guess i got a little bit more weight LOL but itll go away when i can do sports again and thats hopefully soon cuz tru out will be in 2 weeks probably and im not allowed to run at the moment just because of my freakin knee >< ohh and i also asked marlon if he wanted to go downtown with trishg, stefanie (trishs friend), dasha and me and he just smiled and said "sure" yuuii, thats gonna be great! im taking trisha out for breakfast on sunday but today is saturday and everything is stressful! i just took a shower, made me feet and my hands. trisha is already gone, buying some pants for darren, her friend and date for tonight. im waiting for dashas hostmum to pick me up then we go to a beauty saloon and get our hair done but ill also ask if they can do my makeup and stuff cuz im too stupid for that because i never wear this stuff so yeah, i dont wnna look like someone who..u know..doesnt have a clue how to put on make up. then well get ready, at three we start taking pictures, therefore we have to go to different houses because were going as a group and after that well go out for dinner. and then we finally go to the homecoming dance *juhuu im SO excited!! :D i dont have a date cuz i didnt wanna have one, i think its cooler to hang out with ur friends, for prom ill get a date i swear but now i just wanna have fun so wish me luck, see u later hugs n kisses

8.10.06 14:37

Homecoming Weekend

On Sturday we finally reached the day on which homecoming day started. Trish went out with daren, her friend and dancepartner to buy some new pants and meanwhile me and Dasha and her hostmum went to the Mall where we got our hair done, bought earrings and stuff and before we got our make Up done in Dillards we went shoppin for a little while and guys I spent 71 bugs just for 3 shirts >< buuut, i think it's just fair cuz havent been shoppin yet, so yeah Actually i didnt wanna eat that day but i became so hungry that i bought some pretzel bites. Ater we got our make up done, dasha and me looked TOTALLY different!!

i was home at 2:30 and we wanted to take pictures at 3 but somehow i waited 2 more hours until we got dressed, dasha came over and everybody was ready for taking pictures. e started at our house, then we went to darens house and finally to marcs house (nobody except for trish knows him) where we met a bunch of people and with the whole group we went out eating. Usually we reserved soem tables at Olive garden but those people did something wrong cuz they didnt remember that we wanted to come for dinner so wed had to wait for probabaly 1 and a half hours... so we decided to change and finally went to Pompeii, an italian restaurant. There were these big tasty rolls, gooood, delicious!! I think i ate two of them and a salad..and some of dashas noodles. It was almost 9:30 when we left. When we arrived at the dance the whole group diappeared in different directions and dasha and me started dancing. It got VERY hot inside, ive never seen so many people that sweaty. And we danced and danced until i took off my shoes, like most of the girls, they were just dancing barfoot..and how they danced oO especially with their dates, oh my gosh... daren ditched he danced with dasha the entired eveingnd while i was dancing with alfred, a friend of marlon. later that evening i also danced with chris, a boy i know from our bus, hes really nice but shy *gg and i also met lots of people like allie, eric, justin, sam, william and so on and so on. actually it was really fun but i couldnt dance the whole time cuz my dress was already et, my hiar was a whole mess and i was thirstyt, so i stood under a van, enjoyed the cold fresh air blowing in my face. i talked to alfred for a while until trsih cam to me, all mad, telling me that daren kinda ditched her and that he hadnt had danced with her at all. so then, the whole trouble started. all of trishs friends became mad at daren and wanted to beat him and kick him in his ass, trsih talked to dasha and she was so pissed off that we left at 20 to 12. actually she didnt even wanted to give dasha and daren a ride home. the bad part is that daren and dasha made out >< soo..yeah, that was kinda weird, really weird..and daren thought from now on both of them were more than jyst friends. we drove home without saying a word and after dropping dasha and me off she talked to daren that night for almost 2 hours. i fell asleep, with my dress and there was no after party at all

Onsunday we slept like about 9 or 10, i dont remember but i went out, practising for basketball and that wasnt good cuz my knee damn hurts right now >< both of them by the way..but however, actually we wanted to go downtown with marlon and so on but after the thing at homecoming trsih idnt wanna do anything so we just stayed at home until her parents took us to big lous for lunch. im so mad that i didnt take a picture, but i will the next time. big lous is a pizza restaurant and they have BIG pizzas, we ordered the big lou and now guess how big this pizza is... 37 inch!!! du u know how big that is?

one slice of pizza need to put on two plates because otherwise everything will fall off and its really hard to eat it. i jyst took a little pic from our leftovers but it doesnt look that big on the photo but however, guys its the biggest pizza uve ever seen! after having lunch, kyle, shelly and ed went back to the house during trish and me went on driving downtown where i finally bought my panic at the disco cd, i love these guys, theyre incredable!! and we bought a smoothie, just fruit, ice and water..thats what trish says, i dont know if i should believer that theres no sugar at all^^ and later that night, me trsih and daren went to cowboys, a dancehall which was only open for teenagers yesterday because we dont have school on monday, its columbus day :D it was alright, i met some people and daren and some other giuys tried to show me how to dance two steps, a countr dance but i really sucked so i guess i gotta practise for that. ohh.. did i tell u that im about to become a great hip hop lover? the songs here are amazing, i mean, i still love rock, ill always do,but yeah, i think its the fasct that im in texas but im not used to country yet, makes me freakin out xD lol adn today, yes, today is monday, trsih is going out today with her friends, playing some stuff, i dont know what but ill stay at home, ill probably go out again, playing b-ball but i try not to run because of my knee. and then i gotta clean our room, doing laundry and do my homework -.- so theres lots of stuff to do!

10.10.06 17:15

It's 7:05 in the freakin morning and Im sittin here- exhausted and tired..i was up all night to do my history homework and hell yeah, i did them, but i worked for about 7 hours.. i mean, it's good, it's a test grade and i won't get a zero anymore but if i don't get a 100 ill be pissed off! for real
11.10.06 17:54

ohh and before ill forget: there are new pictures guys, hope ull like it *muah
11.10.06 17:54

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