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soo this is our house! the red car is trishs' and the blue one is shellies, eds car is not on the picture cuz hes working from 4 until midnight or even later..



this is emmy, she a REALLY good friend of me. i totally love her, shes so cool and explains many different things tome; besides that she is absolutly funny and she loves panic at the disco

ISRAEL, finally a picture of him. sorry i couldnt stop him showing me his wonderful toung.. he always does that so dont wonder, yeahh.. the crunk nut xD

aaaand her u see jonathon, hes really nice too and the pretty girl whos smiling in the camera is victoria shes cheeky, funny, open minded, shes just awesome! yeah and all those people except for emmy, are in my creative writing class.

22.10.06 18:46

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