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weekeeeeeend :D so now im sitting here, again..all excited because i gotta try out on monday for basketball..alone OO me and nicole went to the gym on friday and there was the class playing..already?! so i went to a coach and i was like "ehm..can u tell me if try outs are already over?" and he was like:"well actually the teams are already cut, this is third practise" and me and nicole were like: ? -.-* but nicole wont try out anyway cuz she not passing all her classes, oh by the way i got my progress report and i got 2 Bs, the rest are As so back to b-ball; one of the coaches talked to me and asked me if i would pass all of my classes, then she talked to the major coach and now they want me to come back on monday at 4, so right after school.. and im supposed to play with the other guys that are already in the team =S im very scared but im tellin myself that i just wanna have fun its not about being perfect or playing like the others.. its just about having fun. so im going in this class, even if im nervous and a little bit scared cuz i always feel uncomfortable with people i dont know but on the other side its a great way to get to know more people.. hopefully kind people oO soo, u gotta wish me luck again but i know one thing: when ive done this thing, im VERY proud of me. but if they would accept me to play on the team, i would have to quit the play cuz then i would have to practise every day..every fourth period and after school practise, probably even before school starts too.. well see, but right now im just sitting here. i practised two times today, ill do the same tomorrow again. on friday i topped every eating succes i ever made! mum dad, julia? do u remember when we went ot chilli's in florida? yeah, ive been there again, taking trish out that night and we had those onions with this tasty sauce before we had our actual meal. trish ate one of the big mouth burgers 9those are AWESOME!!) and i tried a Fujita, its like, u get a plate with salad and cheese, two different kinds of sauce, tomatoes and then u get grilled shrimps with chicken breast and vegetables and then u get anothe rlittle thing with three tortillas in it so u can put in whatever u wanna have in ur tortilla, it was VERY good, but also good expensive xD and after that trish and me shared a mud slight cake *yummi, but i was still hungry so i bought toffifay, thats how they call it here and i didnt believe my eyes when i found milka chocolat :D but i didnt but it cuz my lovely family is sending me a package full with chocolat right now, so its already on the way. and i ate trolli, sour worms *hmm, yeah and u can imagine how that feelin was inside my tummy.. i couldnt walk anymore and today i wasnt very hungry honestly.. but tomorrow ill eat normal again. oh and before i forgte, i watched the hills have eyes and that movie sucks! i thought itd be a WAY better >< soo, enjoy ur holidays in germany folks, i love u guys
25.10.06 15:33

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