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k, so i had try outs for b-ball and that mean i had to play with the entire team- varsity (the best) and junior varsity, in my opinion i did really good actually but MAn that is PRACTISE! oh my god, every bone in my body hurt after this trust me, its WAY different than german practise.. however, the enxt day i talked to the coach and she told me that she thought it was really cool that i tried out but she told me that i was a bit behind the team so im not on the team, but she asked me if i wanted to be a manager, but hell no, that too boring for me i think. so i called my mother yesterday, all depressed and she kinda pushed my next try" the swim team >< yeah i know swimming? actaully i hate swimming but i mean, hey lets try it.. anyways and if i dont make the team then i still can be on track next semester. soo, its true, those girls have been playin b-ball their whole life so its clear to me that they stay on the team, i mean would have been nice but however... k, julia? i try to call u tonight so hopefully u sent me a mail with ur number again xD i love u everybody!
25.10.06 20:31

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