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how was my weekend? i thought itd be BORING but actually it was pretty cool. on saturday we left at 4:30 am for a 4 hours drive to Angelos State university, yeah. we had a little tour planed. on our trip we took, jerkey, crackers, oreo cookies and chocolate chip cookies. i ate lots of oreo cookies cuz i thought we wouldnt have breakfst- wrong! we did! we went to dennys, so i ate french fries adn 4 little pieces of sandwiches... for breakfast, thats all im gonna say. when we arrived at the college, i was totally impressed, the whole area is as big as an amusement parc, im not even joking, its HUGE!! unfortunately i forot my camera but good, they have sooo much buildings and restaurants, b-ball courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, a swim hall, a gym, a post office, administration, library, theyre near wall mart and a mall, they have a shop.. the only thing that scared me a little bit were the small rooms u had to shar with another person.. but honestly it made me think about going to college after ill graduat from my school in germany, it was AWESOME!! however, when we drove back i couldnt sit because we had lunch adn i ate a salad and a burger, then i ate all of the oreo cookies, so that would be about 45 cookies, a bit of jerkey and yeah.. then we went to the football game that ight- we lost -.- and after we decided to have a little snack we went to ihop (international house of pancakes) with a whole bunch of people. i had chicken stripes, a milk shake and a few french fries so u can imagine HOW FULL my stomch was >< oh my god. today is sunday and i wont go running today, no.. i cant! because my stomach hurts soooo muc, i almost spent about three hours in the bathsroom but i dont have to vomit unfortunetely.. i wish i would cuz thn i wouldnt have those terrible stomach aches -.- iits really bad, i feel so sick and i cant barely stand, i gotta sit and oh my god i dont know, it just sucks so bad!! hopefully it stops soon. it got a little better after i ate some cereals but it still isnt gone yet and i think its gonna tale some more time D=

im listeningn to alpha ville all the time- thanks mum and dad *hehe, reminds me of julia and me, especially forever young! but i alos love Big in japan! MAYBE ill go a concert the next time, all american rejects are on their way to have some shows in texas.

29.10.06 19:57

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