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after play- practise we went for trick or treating, i dressed up as a hippie lol and kyle was kinda a dragon fighter or somethin, trish wore a devils mask and a red coat. aaand we got LOTS of candy, too much, i ate too much again >< i dont know whats going on with me but my pants that didnt fit me all the time starts to fit me again oO ehm yeah.. do i have to say more? guess not.. i swear i dont wanna weigh 15 punds more when im back in germany but i think thats gonna be hard, im gonna go running and inline skating though. but lets go back to halloween; its so cool. houses are more decorated than in germnay and if a house doent have their lights on means that they dont pass out any candy. people sit out on the street, in front of their garage, sometimes dressed up, waiting for kida to come, and its not just for the little ones, even adults go trick or treating :D i think thats awesome!!

i heard our baskatball field is no longer there -.- i could cry, it makes me totally angry that we didnt find another solution!!! >< i wanna do something this weekend, maybe im gonna go to jous chruch finally.. or i hang out with nicole, her birthday is today by the way!

im always happy to get mail, thats anothe rthing i just wanted to say. thanks for everyone that thinks about me and sends me letters or emails, i really appreiate that! :D

whos the devil? wuahh, its shelly she handed out candy that night; sitting in front of the door, waiting for kida to come by..

BUH! anothe rdevil? right! trish is on the left side, and me, jupp on the right side, WORLDPIECE!^^

doesnt look very much, but isnt even all of our candy and trus me it was A LOT!

1.11.06 17:45

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