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Last football game of the season -.-

yesterday, on saturday me and dasha went to the lst football game of the season, it was pretty cold and the bleechers were emptier as usual... but it was fun though but unfortunately we lost D= after the game we went home, celebrating the life of trishs grandpa who passed away on friday. we had BBQ chicken and rips with potatoes and french fries and as dessert we ate pie *hmmm yummiii

i swear all of my pants are getting tighter even though i try to eat no sweets and stuff and do some sports.. hmm.. but even though ill gain some more weight, everybody told us that well lose everything when were in germany again. so im not THAT worried *hehe

after eating we watched 'nacho libre', it was awesome! and after that we watched an maerican haunting.. ehm yeah.. i didnt get it, someone has to explain this kinda sense oO and trish bought the movie scarface!! :DD i was so excited but when we started watching it it was hard to understand al pacino cuz hes got an accent too and beside that i was totally tired so i went to bed.

i already bought my necessary stuff like toothpaste und lotion, body wash etc. but well go to HEB again today.. probably so i can buy sour cream for my knee and some more yoghurt and stuff. yupp and guys, we are 4 days from opening! isnt that cool? aahhh im SO excited, its gonna be so much fun, on friday we stayed at school until 8:30, we ran the show three times and had pizza when we took a little break and when i came home shelly bought me a little bowl from KFC with rise, and chicken and cheese, and it was sooo good. oh besides shelly told me that shes really glad to have me in her house, she was like:'i havent told u yet but im really glad to have u here, its like having a second daughter' isnt that cute? i almost cried, shes so loveable!! and ed and her are looking forward to meeting my family! alright, i gotta do my homework now and im tired again, jesus this weather is killing me, most of the time its very humid out there..

love u guys

7.11.06 16:52

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