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My family

You know you're more than "friends" and I wanna thank u guys a lot because without u I wouldn't be where I am right now. Without you this journey would never happen so THANKS for that! I know I'm not easy to handle and the time wasn't always the best but I love u guys, even my grandma Renate..and of course my lovely grandma Karin...even if we have lots of arguments sometimes it doesn't matter. I think we all should try to handle situtaions calmly not with shouting and screaming u know what I mean. But when I'm back I think things will be a little bit different, for sure. However, I miss u, I love u, many greetings. Hugs'n'kisses



my darling, my homie, my angel, my everything! I'm not lying when I say that u r the best what ever could happen to me! Without u I can't even survive, remember the song "Ich lebe" from Christina Stuermer?U are one of the persons I will miss the most! When I think about all these great times we went trough, we experienced, all this shit we made and all the bad times we made trough..that all made us even closer to best friends! You are the person who's always there for me, who helped me out of any stupid situatins who stands beside me..always, and that's the reason why I wanna say THANK U!  I can talk to talk to you whenever I want, about what I want, you always listen, you try to give me some tips, you help me, you console me. Actually we are like sisters, u can't call it a friendship any more, we're standing each other toooo close. I esteem all the things u've done for me and all the things u would do for me ( I just have to say Daniel, daniel, Daniel..our geat WG, our America-trip and so on..) I know we'll make it! We enjoy this year, even it's hard sometimes but we live our dream and I hope that we always be best friends like this. I don't wanna lose u ever cause u mean the world to me, never forget! ily


hey honey. I know this year is gonna be tough but we'll make it! I'm sure about that but whatever might happen, never be sad goes on, it doesn't matter if we want it or not.. it's just the way it has to be. You know how much I miss u and I won't forget the amazing times we had together; especially the last two weeks. I hope u won't forget it either. But we should try to make the best of it! I know we gonna have  a great time. But now we have to concentrate on school, me on Highschool and you on your "Fachabi" x) Try to enjoy the next time as I try and hey if u r feelin bad..what are friends for? I'm sure they are there to help u and make u laugh again. Ten month are just a short time in our life, it passes quicklier as u can imagine. U said that once before, so head up! I love u!

Sven, Patrick, Marcel, Micha, Gerdi, Benny

I have to say that me and Julia are very glad to got to know you cause I have to say u r as crazy as we are; we finally found those "friends" we were searching for! You are all on the best way to be my best friends because I just love u guys! You're awesome; the time we spent together was one of the best times I had for a very long time. I haven't laughed so much and I haven't had so much fun for a couple of months. The World Cup played a big part of it for sure cause that was the time when we got to know each other better. I just hope that you won't forget me (and Julia of course when she's away for 10 months) cause you mean a lot to me. I'm looking forward to meeting u guys again, I miss u *big kisses

Ralf and Tina

I think it's awesome that u guys are finally togehter right now, I hope it won't be over soon! Tina? U crazy noodle, I hope u r having fun with your new work and hopefully as much success as in school! You are also a person that listens to somebody, who's there for you and somebody you can trust a 100%! When I'm back I have to come over to you again *hehe..u know what I mean..and Ralf? I miss our daily phone calls and the way u played the guitar; I loves it every time when u came over. U have to show me when I'm back cause I just bought my new guitar for that and I will learn, I know it, I HAVE TO! *muah and don't forget me!

Julia P.

Alright, Julia used to be my very best friend one time but when we had an argument because of her boyfriend we didn't have any contact. Our relationship now is much better and that makes me happy, honestly! I think it't so cool to have u back even if there isn't really much to tell. It takes a bit time to trust each other as well as we did before..but we gonna make this; I know it...we even called together. But I'm sure we'll be best, or good, friends again when u r at my school now. I think that will make things much easier and hopefully we can keep our great contact this time! ly

Laura, Valeria, Katha, Ca, Franzi, Conny, Sandra

Hey u guys, I took u alltogethter cause I probably would write the same in each text. I don't realy know what to say..I just hope that we stay in contact cause you're really cool persons and all of you have an open ear to listen, all of you gave me some tips and help in certain situatins and with all of u I can have lots of fun! Laura, my "neighbor" in school, she's desperate because she doesn't know where she should sit know. We sat together for about 3 or 4 years and we had good and bad times but we always helped eacht other out in school so that was a big thing. valeria..yeaahhh..she always gave me the newest news of Daniel^^ She always wanted to help me but in the end I was too shy..hmm..however she's a cool person and I enjoyed our DVD evenings as much as the evenings we went out to some attractions like Trivial, Erdbeerfest or somethin..Katharina and Carina, we finally have more contact again. There was a time when we hat each other very bad! But thistime's over now and trust me, if you are outside with these two persons u always have to laugh! Now to Franzi; we talked a lot in MSN about everything and she helped me a few times so thanks for that. If u really wanna go to America this year to write me immediatly right? Alright who's left? Conny and Sandra! Okay..Conny, eieiii...we both and our guys heim? You're also a special person sho laughs a lot^^ If there are any news about HIM uhave to tell me ok?! Many greetings to your sister besides. And now Sandra: U have to nicest boyfriend of the whole class! He's always there, every morning he picks u up before school, he really loves u! So sweet!!! Ilike your friendly open art and your way of laughing. You're almost one of our "wild-chicken-club" members *gg *big kisses to all of u, ly

Sabine, Taddi, Gugi, Pilz

our Wild-Chicken-Club right? I'm sorry for all the times I was mean to you..I didn't wanna make yu sad or was just a fuckin time -.- Thta's one of the reasons why I'm here, to make a new start, a new life, to forget all those stupid things and prolems I had in Germany. But u know I love u, all of you, still, when the time isn't always easy. I'm happy about every sign of u and if it's just a letter, a card or an email. I hope you're having a good time during the new school year, I wish u much succes, fun and not too many problems. I won't forget u, I love u *hug and many kisses


A special one.^^ he doesn't know, but he's one of my best friends! I love him! He's great even if I hate him a lot sometimes cause he's too stupid to recognize that he hurts somebodys feelings a lot. And he can't show his feelings, a bad thing too..try to learn it! It's not a big deal, and girls like it 2 *hehe However, u r a really cool person, I had a lot of fun with u and I'm glad to hear that u like the Napalm Death DVD I bought u for your birthday! Don't forget me cause in 10 months I'll be back to go on your nerves again *big kiss


She was the one with who I wrote emails over and over again before the AIFS program started. We were lucky that we both had to take the first flight to NY but we got to know each other only on the last day when we went to the airport. But who cares, she's a cutie and really cool! Just like I imagined her. I think this wasn't the last time we met... by the way shes's in Pennslylvania. And we are astill in contact I hope we can keep it cause it's always a better felling to talk to somebody who's doin the same thing as u do at the moment.


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