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she is...

loud, crazy, slightly touchy, shy, singing, dancing, music, "pogend", fallen in love with her chucks and vans, 5-minutes-attacks, period- lauging, in action, a "hopeless case", 1.73, brown hair, bitchy^^ (but hey I'm a girl..who isn't bitchy anyway?!!!) into sports, tired, hungry, lovely, too thoughtful, strange, always trying to do somethin new, creative, just herself!

she likes..

green, black, music, piercings + tattoos, her guitar; general people, who can play the guitar, her friends, chocolate, jule-sinja-evenigs/-days, the USA, her bed, buttons, beer, chequered boxers, swimming pools, summer, b-ball, writing texts, (summer)rainn, volleyball, barbecues, her mous, strange people, long hair, concerts, blue eyes, tore pants, rollercoasters

she dislikes..

arrogance, people , who always have to wear expensive stuff, spiders, homework, tidying up, beef, lies, techno, dentists, shots, darkness, "eierquetscher" >< (that means very very tight boxers), cigarettes, always being drunk,peolpe who on't have their own opinion, too much make-up (I don't have those things anyway)

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